The Health Benifits Of Massage Therapy

Massage BenefitsOne of the most effective ways to relax is by relieving muscle tension and lactic acid build up from a hard day’s work. Muscle tension causes your body extra stress and extreme discomfort as you try to counteract your alignment issues. Many people do not realize the benefits of professional massage therapy and that their throbbing muscles could be causing other health problems.


Humans use touch as a natural reaction to pain or stress, if you bump your knee and bruise it a natural reaction is to rub it to relieve acute pain. The same applies to muscle tension if an area of your body is tense, by rubbing or massaging the area it relieves the tension causing your pain. It is not just a myth that massage therapy has benefits on your physical health but your mental health also. It has been scientifically proved and is being prescribed by doctors as forms of treatment around the world.

For thousands of years across many cultures touch was a powerful healing aid. Many different techniques have been developed which will serve different purposes to treat different areas of your body. The modern day society utilises massage therapy often as the known benefits are backed up by scientific proof.

Massage Therapy commonly treats victims of stress and anxiety. Some professionals have proved up to 90% of diseases are linked to stress. The inability to relax causes your heart rate to rise where breathing becomes shorter decreasing the supply of oxygen to your body. These symptoms will generally increase the likelihood of muscle cramps, spasms and tension which can slip the body out of alignment causing a great deal of discomfort.

Massage Benefits1

By using massage therapy you can alleviate the use of prescription drugs and helps your body to heal itself in a more natural manner. There are a great deal of benefits from this form of treatment which range from
1. Allowing more oxygen to circulate through your body freely allowing nutrients to enrich vital organs and tissues.
2. Boosts the strength of your lymphatic system which has been linked to increasing cells that fight breast cancer.
3. Release and relieves tension in overused and tired muscles.
4. By allowing the muscle to be relaxed it will aid in joint flexibility.
5. Massage therapy and stretching will benefit athletes recovery time by relieving pain and tension from the strenuous activity.
6. By relieving endorphins into the body from massaging it will act as pain relief and is used in recovery from surgery and to prevent soreness in muscles from illness.
7. Prevents scar tissue from surgery and muscle tearing injuries.
8. Relieves pain and prevents the use of medication for people who suffer migraines.
9. By relaxing the muscles that helps improve the movement preventing back pain and neck soreness.
10. By causing less stress and tension will allow the body to relax which is a form of therapy used from anxiety and depression sufferers.

In a modern-day age where we live fast and stressful lives it is important that we are not burdened by our body’s dysfunctioning. The circulation and supply of oxygen to vital organs through our body is important to ensure day to day health is maintained. Massage therapy can treat a number of chronic illness and mental disorders it is important to maintain regular appointments to a trained professional on a regular basis.

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